Beauty & Boudoir Photography ~ How to Get Your Mind Right for a Boudoir Shoot

How to Get Your Mind Right for a Boudoir Shoot

{by: Bailey Frumen}


Who wants to look good naked? Don’t be shy, go ahead and raise your hand. We’ve all been there,

from donning our first swimsuit of the season (albeit a healthy dose of self-tanner) on Memorial Day to

even getting frisky for the first time with our new partner. The first thing we think about is, “do I look



It’s a reasonable question, in our society; we’re all striving for perfection whether in our looks, our job,

or even our relationship. We’ve got standards held up as high as the Eiffel Tower all around us, telling

us who we should and shouldnt be.


None of those messages are going to help you to look good naked.


Let’s focus on feeling like a rock star… feeling like a pinup girl…and feeling like the sexy vixen you

really are. All that MAC mascara is simply icing on the cake!

 Beauty & Boudoir Photography by Brandi Grooms Photography

Here are 3 tips to help you feel good naked and get your mind right for your boudoir shoot:


1. Let Go: Put down the Botox, the Cosmo magazine and especially the mirror. It’s time to let go of the

criticisms that you’ve long held onto about yourself. It’s time to drop some imaginary concept of

perfection (ie. legs like Heidi Klum, a butt like Beyoncé, and abs like Cameron Diaz), and instead look

at the mirror to discover the allure that is your authentic self.


I bet when you are really honest with yourself, you’ve got fantastic hair, a great smile, a killer,

smoldering gaze and your butt really isn’t all the bad. We need to let go of the negative messages that

are no longer serving us to let the torch of our true beauty burn bright.


2. Confidence: We always hear that confidence is key. And it’s true. It’s a huge element of feeling

fearless in the boardroom or even the kitchen. But how do we cultivate our confidence to feel our best?

Take a moment to think of three things that make you feel confident and sexy, maybe it’s twerking in

your Zumba class, wearing black, lacy lingerie, or even talking dirty with your partner. Use these threeBeauty & Boudoir Photography by Brandi Grooms Photography

experiences as your inspiration to bring more sexy into your everyday. Even the way you walk. As you

practice building your confidence, your true personality will naturally cultivate and grow.


3. Visualization: Oh, this is a good one, probably my secret to success. Visualization is the fine art of

creating a picture in your mind or even playing out an event before it happens. This is good stuff. Here’s

how it works: If I asked you to go grocery shopping to make an Italian dinner, you can probably picture

in your mind the store you would need to go to, the parking spot you would pick, and the aisles you

would stroll down to get the good mozzarella and focaccia to make a feast.


Now, I want you to use these same skills to picture yourself for your boudoir shoot. How would you do

your hair and make-up? What outfits (or even your hubby’s dress shirt) would you wear? Even better,

picture yourself in poses that highlight your killer assets—including that smoldering look. By visualizing

a situation before it happens, we give ourselves a unique opportunity to take the anxiety out of the

actual experience ahead of time.


The truth is… the best way to look good naked is to feel good first. When you’re just being yourself,

people are drawn to you. Allowing yourself to go there in a boudoir shoot will translate into unshakable



Brandi will walk you through every pose and I promise you, you’ll look hotter than you can visualize.

Using these quick lifestyle design tips will help clear your mind for your camera ready session and most

importantly have you feeling sexier than Beyoncé!


Portrait of Bailey FrumenI’m Bailey Frumen, the creator of the Inspired Living Program and The Path to Freedom. I help

ambitious women go from fear to flight. I believe in morning rituals, traveling, and living life on your


If you want to have way more fun, getting shit done, saunter over to You can

say hi on Facebook at and Instagram at BaileyFrumen.


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Want to read more about Bailey’s boudoir experience with me CLICK HERE.

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