Love Letters

“So much fun! I love them ALL. They have a very ‘film noir’ feel. The experience you described it would be in your promo piece, was truly what I felt that day.  Liberating, inspiring…so much more, and the end results are so amazing to see. You definitely have talent and a good thing going here.  If I enjoyed it that much, I can only imagine so many more people would want to have that same experience.  Thanks again!”

~ Love, K.


“He loved them! …. He literally hyperventilated when I showed him the photos!”

~ Alix. L.


“On more than one occasion I’ve been called a ‘plain Jane’, but you managed to turn an ordinary, very simple woman into an amazing work of art.  You did it all without losing sense of the individual I am. No tricks here, your talent is evident in every single shot you take.”

~ Kier J.


“Oh my god!!! WOW is that me!!?!! I LOVE it! Your the Best thank you soo much.”

~ Lauren P.


“Thank you so much for creating a relaxed environment for our photo shoot. We had a great time. You have done an awesome job with everything. We really appreciate all your work and creativity! The album and pictures will live with us forever. Thank you very much for all your time. This has been such a wonderful process.”

~ Paul + Cindy


“OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve looked at them several times already, and I really can’t believe that it’s actually me in the pictures. They are awesome! I’m so impressed and flabbergasted!!!!!!!!!!!”

~ Caroline W.


“My husband isn’t one to react strongly to things, and when I showed him the book I made of my pictures, he was blown away.  They were sexy and natural. You have such a great eye for the naked in all of us!”

~ Meghan P.


“Thank you so much for making this process and experience so enjoyable, fun and easy! I’m so glad I found your amazing service. I know Jim will be floored.”

~ Kristyn

“I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on Caroline’s photos “my Birthday present”.  The photography is outstanding and the book is so well done it’s unbelievable.  Caroline said you were great to work with and made her feel very comfortable. I think you exceeded Caroline’s expectations; and it was all done very artistically and in such good taste.  Thank you again I will cherish this gift for a life time!”

~ John


“These pictures are amazing…thank you soooo much!! I’m going to need some help narrowing it down STILL. Thank you so much, these pictures are more than I could ask for!!”

~ Erica


“I am lost for words, over the moon with excitement over these beautiful pictures!!! I was looking at them saying to myself, “Is that REALLY me?”!!! They are beyond my expectations! You are a photographic genius!”

~ A.W.

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