Makeup 101: Creating a Flawless Face


Creating a Flawless Face

by: Divya Bhawnani


Choosing the right foundation can be overwhelming especially with the thousands of brands out there. The most important thing to take into consideration when picking out the right foundation is your skin type. Knowing whether you are oily, dry, textured or combination is the first step towards flawless skin.

Now, me personally, I have more oily acne prone skin, so I pretty much have my foundation routine down to a science. Most of my clients and brides (and I’m pretty sure every women in America) want decent coverage without looking like they have a thick layer of foundation on their face. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to find your perfect match and achieve flawless skin.


Know Your Undertone

Choosing the right color foundation can be the most tedious part of a makeup routine. If you go to Sephora or the MAC Store, the artists can help you easily color match a product to your skin, but what about those of us who use drug store brands? There’s no artist at CVS or Walgreens to help color match or hand out samples to take home and try. So, what do we do?

Well, the first thing you need to find out is your undertone. Is your skin more pink (cool tone) or yellow (warm tone)? I tend to find that most people are more yellow than pink. Usually very fair skinned people have more pink in their skin. If you are a medium skin tone, then 90% of the time you will have more of a yellow-golden base.

I very rarely use pink-based foundations. A little trick is to check out your veins! Yes! Like the veins inside your body! Looking at your inner wrist is best since the veins are prominent and most visible. If your veins are very blue in color, then most likely you will have more pink in your skin tone and if they are green, then you will have more of a yellow-golden tone. Once you have that figured out, that is half the battle!


Choosing the Right Color

Once you know your undertone and have picked out the type of foundation you would like to use ie. Powder, liquid, or cream, we can move to finding the right color. But how do we do that without sampling it on the skin? The best way is to bring a foundation you already own and use that as a reference point. Hold it up against other foundations and pick three colors that best match it. Using those three, hold each one up against your jawline while looking into a mirror and pick which one matches best. Your safest bet is to purchase two and try them out at home. Most drug stores have a return policy on make up and this way you have nothing to lose.


Favorite Foundations

My all-time two fave foundations are MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Estee Lauder Double Wear. Now, these foundations are slightly on the heavier side, which is great for people who want full coverage. These are perfect foundations for more oily skin type. A great little tip is to spray your brush with MAC Fix+ (which is a hydrating spray packed with minerals that are beneficial to your skin) then apply your foundation with a slightly damp brush. This will thin out the foundation and application will go on very smoothly without compromising the coverage it delivers.

Another great foundation is MakeUp Forever HD foundation. It gives great coverage without looking heavy on the skin at all! It contains no SPF and that’s why it’s called HD (Hi-Def) because SPF tends to make the face appear slightly white in flash photography. There’s not much more to say about this foundation other than it’s AMAZING!



When applying foundation, whether powder or liquid, using the right brush will make all the difference. No more using your hands or those bacteria infested sponges! I cannot begin to emphasize how vital a good foundation brush is to achieving a flawless skin. I know they can be expensive, but it is worth it. Plus, a good foundation brush with proper care will last you years.

I like to use more fluffy-haired brushes, which will deliver a more air brushed effect on your skin. MACs 187 duo fibre face brush is perfect for applying liquid or powder foundation. My all time fave brush is Sigmas F80 foundation brush. Sigma brushes are slowly over-taking my brush collection. They are high quality brushes comparable to MAC for half the price. For an even, more natural look, pat your face with a wet sponge like a beauty blender after you have applied your foundation. This will remove any texture in your skin and create a more blended application.



   Makeup Artist Divya Bhawnani For over 10 years Divya Bhawnani has been a reliable make up artist and specialist in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Trained by Mac cosmetics, and continuing to lend her talent and skills to the company as a freelancer has allowed her to concentrate on creating her own business. She has created iconic looks during New York Fashion Week in such shows as Lamb. Alice + Olivia and Catherine Malandrino, and has collaborated on music videos, modeling shoots, and print campaigns. “I like to make people feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside,” she says, and it’s something she excels at by focusing on bringing out the most attractive qualities of anyone her brush touches. Her creativity and knowledge has earned her the respect of her colleagues and loyalty of her clients.

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