Spring Hair Trends From Guest Blogger Mallory

Gone are the days of the “it” look, and present are the days of the “you” look. With so many designers—from mainstream culture to underground DIY Etsy innovators—fashion is no longer a singular look; it is free and open. Hair follows the movement of trends. Where designers go, hair stylist walk side by side. So where is it headed?

First off, the long bob you rocked last year is still pretty hot. That balayage is still on point. As an artist, I crave change; but with fashion being at a slightly slower pace, these wild creative jumpsnaren’t such huge leaps. Now, that’s not to say we don’t crave variety. As a hairstylist, I rarely look the same from month to month; my hair color changes, my styling is different, and my cut is an evolution that’s always changing. We no longer have the Victoria Beckham Bob, or the Jennifer Aniston style to dictate to us how to look (THANK GOD!). There are now 9,340 pins on Pinterest that are as diverse and inspiring as they can be. So how do we know what to choose? How do we stay current? Fresh? How do we not look outdated?

First off, GET A GREAT HAIR DRESSER AND COLORIST… . Listen to them and trust their vision. Their job is to make you look and feel great. They spend countless hours on Instagram, Pinterest, following fashion blogs, reading magazines, and even working with designers to create looks … we know our craft. When we tell you that a fringe (or bangs) will look great, or that you will look chic with a pixie cut, or that you need to grow your hair out, we aren’t saying these things for the sake of it. We want you to stay current and look amazing. And more importantly, we want you to feel amazing. I spend my time behind the chair cutting and styling, and focusing on the direction of appearance regarding shape and texture. So after pondering my thoughts on what you might be seeing in the upcoming months, these are my assessments:

Lobbing off the lob

We loved it when you came into the salon and told us you wanted to cut off your Kim Kardashian waist length hair to that stunning lob. But we’re excited this spring to see you go for the gusto with the chic, 20’s inspired chin length bob. Take a page from Swift’s playbook and rock the full fringe and boxy shape. Worn on all hair textures for a modern natural vibe.


Image from the 2016 Grammys.

Lived in Midlength

The effortless, rolled out of bed appearance is fading out; replaced by the “I did it yesterday”style. Mid length, or shoulder length hair with bends like you had your hair in pony tail with a bit of bounce. The messy beach wave is giving way to a more tame, tousled feel, but with the air of “I didn’t try too hard.”


Image: Unknow, source Pinterest.


Have long hair and don’t want to part? Want a change? … Sorta? Keep your long, luxurious locks, but mix it up this spring with a blunt bang. While bangs are a commitment, they have been trending slowly for the past few seasons. I expect you will be seeing more bold fringes in the months to come. Strong,eyebrow length, to short, cropped and choppy; textured fringe with a natural wave is what it’s all about. So keep that flat iron in the drawer.


Gucci 2016 fringe



For those of you who want your natural beauty to shine while still being a minimalist—shave it. The 2016 spring/summer runway gave way to more than one adventurous, bald babe. Versace, Anthony Vaccarello, and Tod’s are just a few catwalks that had models sporting the fresh bold look. Models like Agness Deyn and Ruth Bell have been rocking this amazing look all over the spreads.


Image1: Molde Ruth Bell for Versace Spring

Overall styling

We are shifting away from that undone look, in favor of a more polished finish. Big luxurious hair and vintage waves are making a comeback (PFFFFF like they were ever really gone). I know some of you just mentally said “ F**k, I can’t roll out bed and look on fleek anymore?!!” Pump the breaks ladies. The messy braid is here to stay, and just maybe go for a messy pigtail instead of the tried and true top knot. Got curls? FLAUNT It! Natural big hair is going to be huge this summer. And I mean afro big.

Remember, with changing seasons it’s times to rotate your styling products and shampoos for the new weather. Like switching from your winter foundation to a summer BB cream, you need to keep your hair products seasonal. Make sure to talk to your stylist and colorist on what’s best for your texture in the months to come.

Happy Hair,

Mallory Z

Mallory Zenner’s career in the beauty industry began over a decade ago, giving her a platform for her artistic abilities. Realizing she wanted to be among the best hairdressers, Mallory sought out intensive training in the fundamentals of precision cutting and editorial styling, quickly becoming a master in her field. She has attended advanced classes with academies such as Vidal Sassoon, Bumble & Bumble, Allilon, and Wella. Mallory’s largest passion is sharing her knowledge with other professionals and elevating the craft of hairdressing, by teaching nationally for global companies such as Davines and Karral.
Inspiration comes from all sources, but art, music, and literature are Mallory’s main source for fueling creativity. The Replacements on the record player and a Dr. Suess book in her hands helps feed her soul. Using such inspiration, she has curated collections featured on Behind the Chair and Launchpad

When Mallory isn’t busy at the salon, at a photoshoot, or traveling to educate, she enjoys her free time with her husband and daughter—typically on the beach. Mallory is currently working at Serenity Hair Lounge, in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

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