7 steps to make you feel sexier & rekindle the flame

Rekindle the Flame

Rekindle the Flame ~ Brandi Grooms Photography

When’s the last time you felt sexy or self-assured? Between working 40+ hours a week, running errands, shuffling kids from one event to the other, planning and cooking dinners, and juggling the plethora of other responsibilities, your come hither look is washed away with, “it’s time for bed.”


Now that the poolside BBQ’s have simmered down and the kids are back in school, make time to rekindle your feminine flame and the spark in your romantic relationship. Dedicating time for ourselves and our partners is crucial if we want to maintain that loving connection.


I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and radiant. When women feel beautiful, they show up calmer, happier, and bolder. Everyone wants to know who cut their hair or what they’re eating.


I love what I do. I help empower women to embrace their femininity and learn to love the skin they’re in. I do this through beauty and boudoir photography. The experience my clients have with me and the confidence they gain from their photo session transforms positively through so many facets of their everyday lives: they have more patience, productivity, and connection in their relationships… especially their romantic relationships.




Here are 7 ways to work towards feeling sexier and fanning the flame in your romantic partnership.


1) Buy a new piece of lingerie. Throw away those old undies and put something new on your skin. Lingerie doesn’t have to be a garter, stockings, and a full ensemble. Wearing what makes you feel confident and sexy is a surefire way to getting a double take from your partner.


2) Get moving. Exercise gets you out of your head and into your body. Movement releases endorphins and serotonin, which puts you in a good mood. Try a dance class, yoga, or even just getting out for lunchtime or evening walks.


3) Start a new project. Why not plant a garden, learn a new language or redecorate a room together? Working on something as a couple brings a sense of accomplishment to the relationship and makes for some great quality time together. Not to mention a few laughs along the way.


4) Compliment your partner. We all need to hear a few kind words about ourselves from those we love. Compliment your partner on their appearance today, tell them how amazing they are at that thing that gets you swooning every time, or how much you appreciate them for helping you with something.


5) Light things up. Light candles at the dinner table. Display fresh flowers. Turn on “your song”. Create an atmosphere that leads to some lovin.


6) Be flirty. Conjure up those feelings from when you first started dating. Send a naughty text or email to your partner. Flash them before they leave for work. Let your hair down and have fun.


7) Do a beauty or boudoir photo session. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and good about herself. When we feel beautiful, we radiate confidence, and confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Only we, truly, hold the power to make ourselves feel beautiful and sexy. Take the reigns and do something unexpected. Do something for yourself!


**Bonus tip


8) Surprises never lose their luster. You don’t have to tell your partner that you are doing a photo shoot…keep it a surprise. The holidays are right around the corner, and this makes a perfect gift for them, and an even better one for yourself. Be sure to make plans for a night out on the town after your session, because you are going to look gorgeous and feel super sexy! Make a game out of it. Leave a trail of sexy little hints behind to let them know that tonight is going to be special.

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