Posing Like A Pro For A Boudoir Shoot!



Doing a boudoir shoot is invigorating, fun and empowering! But going into the session can feel very intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing or have never done a shoot before. Most of us are uncomfortable in front of the camera or nervous that we’ll look awkward instead of sexy and confident. So I’ve put together some of my favorite poses for boudoir photographs so you’ll feel ready to let out your inner Victoria’s Secret model at your shoot!


  1. Sweet and Innocent. This pose says so much without revealing anything at all. A little goes a long way.



  1. A Hint of Mystery. I love to leave a bit of mystery in my photographs, and silhouettes do just that. The little slivers of light tease the eye and leave something for the imagination.

Brandi_Grooms_Poses_02 - Compressed

  1. Provocative. Between-the-sheet poses are super sexy. The sheets hug and showcase the contours of the body and the sexy bed-head suggests a fieriness about her.


Brandi_Grooms_Poses_03 - CompressedPhotographers Tips: This is a great pose for any body type. The sheet can be used to conceal areas that the client may want to de-emphasize, while looking sexy and natural at the same time. Hand gestures and placement help to create angles and tell a story.

  1. Soft & Seductive. A timeless pose that creates curves and exudes sensuality. Emphasizing the bust and creating a little tension to the image with the tugging of the pearls makes this a tantalizing shot.

Brandi_Grooms_Poses_04 - Compressed


  1.  Classic: Stockings and garter belts are what I call “Action Articles”. They give the client something to do, and helps to keep her mind off of “posing” and facial expressions.

Brandi_Grooms_Poses_05 - compressed

Photographers Tips: I make sure that the stocking is at least to the calf before I start to photograph, because getting the stocking over the foot can be a bit awkward. Sitting up tall( or straight) and having the leg bent is key to this pose. I always tell clients to pretend that someone is pulling a string upward from top of their head to straighten their posture.


  1. Alluring and Confident. This pose elongates the body and accentuates curves in all the right places. It’s perfect for any body type.

Brandi_Grooms_Poses_06 - Compressed

Photographers Tips: I always get a lot of mileage out of this pose by moving around my client and capturing the pose from different angles. If my client is concerned about her mid area, all I have to do is move her left arm across her body to de-emphasized that area. I could even create a gesture (such as brushing her hair back) to add some movement to the pose. Make sure that the client is not sinking into her neck and shoulders. This will help create a look of confidence. For a softer look, have her smile or look down her body line.

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