Feeling Sexy After Having A Baby

“My newborn and my confidence in being a new mother grew, but my self-assurance and ability to feel sexy in this new post-partum body diminished. I came to the realization that I was the only one that could turn this around. So, I started to make some changes. Here are a few things that I did to bring sexy back into my life and regain my confidence.”

This is an excerpt from a blog that my friend Caroline asked me to write about Motherhood and Feeling Sexy After Having A Baby. When she asked me I was so excited and also eager to share my experience with other women who could be experiencing the same.

Hear from her below and then head over to her blog to check out more of my thoughts and realizations.http://www.carolinezwickson.com/blog/2017/10/12/feeling-sexy-and-confident-again-after-baby

I remember after my pregnancy with Felix, a mama friend told me that she was about to do a boudoir shoot. My curiosity was immediately sparked and I thought “How courageous of her. She must feel so sexy in her body already. I don’t even know if I would have had the confidence before having a baby.”

She then shared with me that the reason she was having this photoshoot was so she could see herself as sexy again. Sometimes it takes someone else to capture your beauty and reflect it back to you because so many of us have a pretty dominant inner critic.

To be honest, for me personally, I didn’t think that my body looked that drastically different from before my pregnancy, I just didn’t feel sexy.

It took quite a while for me after Felix’s birth to get that part of me back and while I do believe that part of this is normal (especially for breastfeeding moms where oxytocin and prolactin are running the show while progesterone and estrogen are suppressed), I also believe that there comes a time when feeling sexy and confident in your postpartum body isn’t just a result of your physical state or how your body looks, but, primarily, your mental and emotional state!

Today I am so honored to introduce you to Brandi Grooms Johnson as your Motherhood Spotlight. Brandi is a beauty, boudoir and maternity photographer and focuses on helping women feel divinely powerful, feminine and free. Brandi is also a mama and when I talked to her I just knew that she understood the challenges so many mamas face when it comes to feeling sexy and confident again in our bodies after having birthed a baby.

We rarely talk about these challenges openly and so I know that you will find so much resonance in Brandi’s story. I know I did (I may even do a boudoir photoshoot;))! In her post below, she also shares 7 specific action steps you can take to regain your sense of sexiness and confidence -physically, emotionally and mentally.

Today especially, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s open up a conversation and tell us how you feel in your body after your pregnancy and/or what helped you in regaining a sense of sexiness and confidence.


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